Ahhhh… April

Category: News

With so many major events in he world (Japan, Middle East, Wisconsin) it seems a tiny triumph to be happy to see April in Minneapolis. Here we are! The shovels and the Sorels are put away and my books turn to wedding and outdoor concerts. Until then, I look forward to a number of shows in April. I travel to Madison and mix it up with some great dancers, then return to have French 75 in concert at The Artists Quarter. CAO at the Loring Pasta Bar every Tuesday, so much fun! Happy Days Are Here Again with vocal talent Rhonda Laurie is a wonderful program, we will be in Aitkin MN on April 9 2011. The Hot Swing Combo will travel to St. Cloud where they are hungry for some swing. April always reminds where we have been and what is next, that said being in the moment is where the Ahhhh resides.