August and a gust of gigs

Category: News

Busy at the Fringe Festivalwith Blue Ribbon Burlesque, MN takes on the art of tease. Joining Cafe Accordion Orchestra at the Loring, I really enjoy working with this band, so much fun! The Southside Aces are celebrating six years as a band! A group of musicians and friends that I am so proud to be a part of, keeping the traditional jazz alive in Minnesota, get to the Nomad Pub on August 9th at 5pm and help us celebrate!
The Hot Swing Combo and the Southside Aces travel to Denver, CO to perform at Lindy On The Rocks I always enjoy performing in Denver, great jazz and amazing dancers, this is THE event in Denver, so looking forward to being a part of it. TCHC and French 75 will be at Hell’s Kitchen. A couple gigs with Nancy Harms, the Robert Bell Trio on the MPR stage at the MN State Fair and a couple shows at the International Record Collector’s Fair. Visit the performance link for more information.