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The Twin Cities Hot Club performs live online in your home — we’re doing a 60min concert at 6:30pm CDT to share with you on Thu 7/16!

It’s the best way we can bring our music to you in a live setting. Find us here at 6:30pm (U.S. Central Time) July 16 2020: ?

Best option:

When you watch us on Facebook, share our event, share our video, and start a Watch Party, you help the band by bringing friends to the party!

The more people who interact with our Facebook video, the more Facebook feeds our livestream shows up in.

Thanks for your support — we’ll see you on Facebook!

Plan B:

Not everyone has Facebook — if that’s you, or if you can’t get it to work, we don’t you to miss the fun, so try one of these alternatives:

Full link list always at
for your convenience.

Tip jars:

Join us for some (virtual) live music, 6:30pm CDT!

Don’t forget that as a feature or in the background,
live music enriches the soul in a Zoom wedding,
Skype baby shower, streaming swing dance,
or virtual conference just as much as
at their real-life equivalents.

Contact Robert to inquire about a private concert!

Twin Cities Hot Club
The Twin Cities Hot Club will see you soon!