November yes

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November starts with Moulin Blue, a music and burlesque performance with a New Orleans flavor featuring the Southside Aces and Lili’s Burlesque at The Dakota.The Twin Cities Hot Club continue the weekly tradition at Erteevery Wednesday from 8pm-11pm, we will be joined by Maud Hixson and Dan Newton, check the TCHCcalendar for more information as well as my performance link for many other shows this month.

November 11, 2009 I will perform at the Fitzgerald Theater as part of Talking Volumes with Kerri Miller. Barbara Kingsolver will discuss her new novel ‘The Lacuna’ and I have been asked to provide musical accompaniment during the show. It’s already sold out, but should stream online after the performance.

One of my most rewarding projects in 2009 has to be working on In The Indigo the debut CD of one Nancy Harms. I produced the new CD, arranged some of the songs and played on the recording. While doing the aforementioned is technically ‘work’ I never once thought of the process as such. With a talent like Nancy, the killer band she assembled in a great studio and Matthew Zimmerman as engineer as well as Arne Fogel there to offer his wisdom, this was a labor of love. There is so much I’d like to share about this recording, but I will do no more than gently urge you to take a moment and visit Nancy Harms to check it out and find, quite possibly a new shining star.

In The Indigo will have two CD release dates The Dakota on November 19 @ 8pm and the Jungle Theater on November 21 @ 2pm. Any fan of jazz will be highly satisfied if able to attend these shows and/or purchase this wonderful new offering.