See ya later Summer

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No outdoor performances means we are moving into the fall. Well, an even more reliable indicator would be the temperature change or the amazing trees and their leaf colors. A few different musical colors this month as well. Cafe Accordion at the Loring for a couple Tuesdays, with Maud Hixson at a number of different venues, as well as French 75 featuring Maud. Nancy Harms returns to Stillwater and they’ll never be the same.
The Twin Cities Hot Club will start a weekly gig in October!!! After The Times closed, I got really busy with other projects, things have slowed a bit so here we go! One of the most important criteria for the new venue was location. I started my weekly gigs in NE Minneapolis 10 years ago. I had my eye on Erte and all it took was one visit and five minutes, turns out the owners were waiting for just the idea I presented; live music every week with room for dancing. Please come visit any Wednesday from 8pm-11pm. I will be featuring TCHC and a few other groups.