Twin Cities Hot Club

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Hello everyone,

Wow! The Twin Cities Hot Club performed their first show under that name on Friday September 24th 2004. We had the great honor of performing for some of the best lindy dancers in the world, period. Dancers from Denver, Seattle, Washington D.C. and even Sweden attended the event. Amy Johnson did a wonderful job organizing the event, she is super cool. Please visit for more information.

I know she had a million people assisting her but, I must give a big thanks to Jason Wussow (the man), Chance (super smooth), Mike (TC Hot Club) and everyone else for helping us to bring our eventual A game to our first ‘official’ show.

Our first set was a bit rough as we battled the sound system and forgot the cardinal rule when playing for dancers, succinct solos make a for good dancing. I know this professionally as a band leader for a 7pc. group but it got lost in the shuffle. Amy kindly got us on track with a friendly suggestion and we ended the night with a spirited version of Dark Eyes and encored with Limehouse Blues. I wish every musician out there the opportunity to experience the energy of hundreds of dancers gathered around the stage and giving everything they have. It is overwhelming. I hope that Django is smiling, knowing that dancers are now the next group of people to experience Gypsy Jazz!