Unfortunate Injury

Category: News

I am generally protective of my hands. Participation in certain activities makes me nervous due to the opportunity for accidental injury. Basketball is a good example of an activity that I consider high risk.

The night was lovely, I had just finished my run and saw two fine gents shooting hoops in the park near my home. I thought it might be nice to get a quick game in and my hand preoccupation was far from thought.

Everything changed on my second drive to the basket when I dislocated my pinkie on my lt. or guitar fretting hand. Not good. I rushed to the Emergency room with my disfigured pinkie serving as guide atop my steering wheel. The fine doctor(s) were able to set it and I was on my way. I am now doing therapy and hope for a full recovery in 4-8 weeks. I had a performance the very next night and have not missed one yet. I got the okay to tape my fingers and perform with two. This is not easy, but I am grateful for those hours spent working on two finger guitar. Thanks Django.