Anna Stine Company of Now

Release Date: December 17, 2018
Available now on:

Anna Stine Company of Now !!!!!! Born! Released! It’s out and available to share! Ready for the world!

Here is Anna’s debut recording, while the experience was Anna’s first, her ability to navigate this process, and create stunning music almost defies explanation. Some art, and certainly Company of Now specifically, feels like the universe has been waiting patiently all along for its inclusion. With themes including growth and discomfort, Anna’s songs resonate with all of us.

Anna recorded all vocals, guitar and piano, Andrew Foreman played bass and Andrew “Diz” Gillespie managed all things drums and percussion, a stellar crew recorded by Miles Hanson at Creation Audio. I worked as producer and guitarist on the recording, bass on the title track and percussion on a few as well. So many highlights from this process, but I think my proudest producer moment was knowing that Anna’s lyricism was so solidly crafted and rooted in her own experience and perspective that there was nothing for me to add. Anna’s approach was honest and full of intention in every way. This project and the process of working with Anna Stine on these songs was incredible and you know it’s amazing when you’re able to experience each moment fully as a gift because, Company of Now.