Cafe Accordion Orchestra – Berets And Bongos

Cafe Accordion Orchestra - Berets and Bongos
Release Date: January 1, 2010
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    CAO Berets and Bongos- listen here!

  1. Songe d’Automne
  2. Que Nadie Sepa mi Sufrir
  3. Salsipuedes
  4. El Bodeguero
  5. l’Interdite
  6. Ochi Chornya (Dark Eyes)
  7. Who’s Cryin’ Sweet Papa Now?
  8. Santa Morena
  9. Chose Sauvage
  10. Sa Kuulut
  11. Siroon Achkig (Sweet Girl)
  12. Destinee
  13. Yo No Bailo con Juana/la Finita
  14. Carinito

Album Review

I was invited to join CAO in January of 2010 and feel very blessed to be a member of this amazing group. Berets and Bongos is a super example of the musical diversity in the group. I used a couple different guitars, my new to me banjo, played the oud and sang in Armenian on the recording. The band was joined by stunning songbird Diane Jarvi on a number of tracks. This recording is my Dad's personal favorite.