Cafe Accordion Orchestra – La Zingara

Cafe Accordion Orchestra - La Zingara
Release Date: February 5, 2023
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    La Zingara is the ninth album by CAO. It is a collection of songs and tunes connected to the Gypsy lifestyle including French, Greek, Finnish, Colombian, Mexican, Cabo Verdean and American sources. Highlights include two stunning vocal performances by long time CAO collaborator Diane Jarvi and appearances by clarinetist Tony Balluff.

    I brought the banjo out for a tune!

  1. La Zingara
  2. Nha Cancera Ka Tem Medida
  3. Fourth Street Mess Around
  4. Si Tu Vois Ma Mére
  5. Cumbia Cantina
  6. Mes Stis Polis to Hamam
  7. La Partida
  8. Säkkijärven Cumbia
  9. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  10. Nothing Much to Worry About
  11. Rhythmes Gitanes