Great Year!

Category: News

It was a busy and exciting year. With over 150 shows divided between 5 groups, it felt great to share the stage with such wonderful musicians and music with such appreciative audiences. BellCats and Southside Aces appeared on the 2004 Art-A-Whirl CD. I started Gypsy Jazz Sundays at the Times Bar and Cafe, and released my debut CD ‘Gypsy Tendercies.’ The Southside Aces recorded ‘All Aboard’ to be released in 2005. I met and began working with Paul Cherba at Cafe Havana. Some great shows with the band and of course the performers at Lili’s Burlesque. The formation of the Twin Cities Hot Club is a really amazing development, look for us in 2005. Thank You to everyone for your support and have a great New Year!