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Up, up and away… to Seattle and Portland with the Loose Marblesone of the better traditional jazz bands around and straight from New Orleans. We performed at the famous Century Ballroom in Seattle and the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland as well as a stop in Vancouver, eight show in five days. Playing music and travelling with the Marbles was a great time… and my first time on the west coast made it very memorable. The Twin Cities Hot Club is keeping busy with an outdoor concert and a performance at Kip’s and the Southside Aces have a pretty busy month.
I managed to build a garage in the middle of all this music, with guidance from a couple strong lads and one sweet lass, it’s done! A beautiful steel roof and a comment from the building inspector that it was one of the better garages he has seen. I do this sort of work as my hobby. As a musician we are given this opportunity to share our music with people, I am blessed in that I stay so busy professionally and have tons of validation for my craft. At some point all the playing, all the joy, all the recordings we believe validate our being here, while important somehow seems less tangible than actually building a structure. So, after four weeks and hundreds of hours it’s finally done. I’ll post pictures in the future.
Okay, back to the music! The Fringe Festival starts and Lili’s returns to a larger venue after our ultra successful run sold out nearly every show and was awarded 6th highest attendence out of 156 shows. Another great show at Kafe 421 with Andrea Sander-Connett and back working with tap dance master Kaleena Miller and the Cutting Board contest. Finally, the recording project with Nancy Harms is moving along very well, the release should be available this fall, check back for information regarding the release date.