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Midwest Lindyfest will feature the Southside Aces and I will teach a class on connection between music and dance. This is a great event, my 5th year and every year hundreds of dancers make it so much fun. Art-AWhirl time in NE Minneapolis is here! I have lived in NE Minneapolis since 1996 and always enjoyed the community, but have never been able to perform during this event, come check it out. TCHC will travel to St. Peter MN and perform at Gustavus Adolphus College.The Southside Aces take The Cedar stage on May 19. Wednesday May 20 at the Fitzgerald theater I will perform on the guitar and oud with David Stenshoel on violin, this is a very nice invitation to perform as part of a wonderful program Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett and Joshua DuBois. A few weddings in May, it’s a lovely time of year in Minneapolis.

**The performance at The Fitzgerald Theater has been archived at the Speaking of Faith site. It was a great program, have a look/listen to the music and fascinating discussion Speaking Of Faith