November is friendly

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It was a real honor to have a composition I wrote for my grandfather back in 2004 chosen as a first dance at a wedding in 2011. A total surprise, they must have purchased the CD prior to contacting me, it was very lovely to have them dance to tune I never expected would accompany dance. Another wedding surprise: A friend wrote the lyrics for a swing tune and asked me to write the music, the tune entitled I Just Want to Dance with You is a great number and it was performed at her wedding as her first dance. Also, I wrote the title track for Nancy Harms CD In the Indigo and that tune is now the music for the Arne Fogel production Certain Standards which airs daily on KBEM 88.5fm in Minneapolis. All really fun ways to share music with people. Dan Newton and I try out a new venue in St. Paul The Amsterdam, The Sirens of Lilis will travel to New Ulm, Aces will have a performance recored by Butch thompson for his Jazz Originals program and Rhonda Laurie and I will visit the Red Room. Check the link for all the shows.