Twin Cities Hot Club perform Dinette by Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt was born 01/23/1910 and to celebrate our show on 01/23/2020 (110 years!) at the Dakota Jazz Club we made a video in tribute to Django featuring his song Dinette.

Show info:
“[Twin Cities Hot Club] swing hard at all times while never masking the emotional nuances and melodic tone.”
– Jazz Police

Django Reinhardt was born on this day back in 1910. They plan to honor Django by including a number of his compositions and tunes he recorded, share some stories and pay homage to one the giants of jazz.

Originally popularized by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli and the Hot Club of France, the Twin Cities Hot Club recreate not only the famous la pompe that distinguishes this romantic brand of acoustic jazz but also bossanova, musette, bolero, and swing. TCHC perform this timeless deep-rooted music that is physical, alive and speaks directly to the heart.

Robert Bell (guitar)
Gary Schulte (violin)
Stan Ponkin (guitar)
Matt Peterson (bass)

with added special guests: Rick Carlson (piano – Wolverines, Maud Hixson) & Fred Richardson (clarinet – Barbary Coast Band).

The show was great and Django continues to inspire and bring joy to so many with his music!