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May 2007 Twin Cities Hot Club live at the Times DVD

Minneapolis-St. Paul’s own Twin Cities Hot Club has quickly proven itself one of the most exciting Gypsy jazz ensembles in the country. The band lives up to it’s name: they are one truly hot club.
The ensemble plays a Sunday-night gig each week at Minneapolis’ Times Bar & Cafe, and the show attracts jitterbugs from out of the woodwork. The scene is charged – and it’s captured here with great style on this concert DVD.
Best of all, this quartet features two inspired solists in Robert Bell and Reynold Philipsek. Trading off rhythm duties and leads, they come at songs with very different takes, adding to the bands dynamics. When Bell plays an improvization on the cutting edge, Philipsek dives into a solo from a cool American jazz angle. In the next number, they’ll turn the tables, Philipsek going for daring, Bell playing a chord-melodyrun.
Gary Schulte is their foil, playing stylish violin that swings with Stephane Grapelli’s inspiration. Bassist Matt Senjem holds down the bottom end with a rock steady beat.
But this isn’t your typical concert video.Live at the Times features fluid filming and editing capped by stylish art direction throughout. The sound is clear and warm and the dancers add to the charm as the movie captures the joy of the scene. -Michael Dregni