Looking back, see and hear Simone Perrin!

When the calendar flips (wait, are wall calendars still a thing?) to December, it always seems fitting to look back. Here, we are looking back eight years to Simone Perrin. Here is a lovely version of “La Vie En Rose” from Simone Perrin’s CD Hummingbird. This was so fun to record! It was a live to CD with audience at MPR studios affair and Simone was the shining star. Simone is not performing as much as she used to, which is too bad, but certainly she is doing well and living a beautiful life with her family. This recording was a blast to be a part of, I played mostly gypsy guitar, but plenty of big acoustic work, too. Anyway, this little gem of a recording needed revisiting, hope you enjoy it, too!

La vie En Rose with Simone Perrin

What the heck, here’s another one from the same recording “Hang My Soul” an original by Simone Perrin.

Hang My Soul Simone Perrin